About Losing Weight – Is It Bad To lLse Weight Too Fast?

Anyone who has ever looked up information on how to lose weight knows that losing weight too quickly is a bad thing, because it is not a sustainable lifestyle and as soon as we come off the regimen all the lost weight comes back – with interest!

Health Blog – However, there are some, very rare, instances when rapid weight loss may be encouraged. It is usually when the patient is severely obese and their excess weight is causing potentially life-threatening health issues. However, these rapid weight loss programs must always be carefully supervised by medical professionals and never attempted by individuals on their own.

Another instance when rapid weight loss may be encouraged is at the beginning of a diet or eating plan to ‘kick-start’ the weight loss process. Often these diets, such as the Mayo Clinic Diet, have a starting period where is it possible to lose between 6 and 10 pounds per week, before settling down into a more realistic and realisable one to two pound per week loss. It cannot be emphasised enough that this period of intense, rapid weight loss is not sustainable and should not be extended for longer than the period recommended by the experts who wrote the diet plan.

Should an individual follow a drastic low-calorie, restrictive diet in order to lose weight rapidly, the body will respond by losing lean muscle mass first. This is because muscle demands more energy from the body, making it an efficient ‘saving’ for a body that thinks it is being starved, and is not a good occurrence at all. Side effects of rapid weight loss programs can include headache and nausea, depression and irritability or extreme mood swings, fatigue and sleep issues. These side effects can all worsen if the regimen is continued, leading to jaundice, bi-polar disorder, clinical depression, scurvy, malnutrition and Type 2 diabetes. Once the patient comes off the restrictive diet there is no guarantee that these symptoms will clear up and the person may be left, still overweight, but now with a myriad of new potentially life-threatening conditions.

In order to keep a good quality of life and general health it is very important to lose weight slowly and carefully. By all means, you can lose weight faster than it was gained, especially if your weight has crept up slowly over the years, but do not go overboard with it. Make sure you are eating the right foods at regular intervals and increase your exercise. Building muscle may initially make you a little heavier but will boost your metabolism as, as stated above, muscle needs more energy and therefore burns more calories! Losing weight correctly requires patience and moderation, but once you have achieved your ideal weight, you will be more than satisfied with your new slim look. Read another article too from edilsgl.com !